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Have a lasting piece of your wedding day by letting us create a custom made shotski with your married name, wedding date, and custom colors to match!


Choose between a 2 person or 4 person ski

Choose your color of wood

Choose your style of font 

Choose your color of font

Choose what you want it to say

Give us 2 weeks to create it 

Meet up to collect! 



How long do you need to create the ski?

We need at least a two week turn around time to ensure the wood and vinyl can dry and stick

What is the cost?

Does it come with shot glasses?

Do you ship?

If you have wedding bartenders booked through Uncorked, it is $50 for a two person personalized shotski. If you do not, it is a $65 cost for a two person personalized ski. 

If you are wanting a 4 person personalized ski, the cost is $65 if you have bartenders booked through Uncorked, $90 if not

Yes we give every shotski two tall 1oz shot glasses

No, we are pickup only with pickup spots being in Innisfail, Bowden, and Red Deer

What colors do you have available?

Below are all the colors of wood we offer, we can do vinyl in pretty much any color, and same with font styles


Shotski Order Request

Please take a moment to fill out the form and we will get back to you to begin the process of creating your Shotski! Please note no skis will be started without payment in full

Thanks for submitting!

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